TLBs new Discord Server

The future is here people. DISCORD seems to be replacing traditional forums for us gamer types, and as evidenced by the dramatic slowdown in the use of the TLB forums and the regular use of DISCORD, it's true for The Lazy Bastards as well.

It takes a bit of effort to get DISCORD set up, but worth it once it's done. It does have a lot of nice features and good sound quality.

On any given day there's always a few of us logged into DISCORD and trying a few games out. At the very least it's s good place to check in on your TLB brothers from the past.

A suggestion;

download and install the discord app/software instead of connecting directly through a browser window.

Our Teamspeak Server will soon be shut down if it isn't already.

TLB has a "No Politics, No Religion" Policy on Discord much the same way we have had on our forums for years. Over time we've learned that for most of us this is a place to relax and enjoy ourselves, not bring up touchy subjects like that. Overt sexism, racism and bigotry will not be tolerated either.

The occasional subtle or mild comment will be ignored but please do not get carried away. Take it to a private channel or Admins will take action to preserve the peace.

TLB's motto has always been "Just play the damned Game" and we expect people to do just that. Players are here to relax, enjoy themselves and socialize without the day to day stress of real life. It's expected that our members and visitors will respect that.
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Hi Milito

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  • Hi Milito

    I couldn't remember my log in so I couldn't log in for numerous years, however I found it today cleaning out old papers and thought I would say hi to all of you Lazy Bastards. I hope everyone is well.

    Battlefield 5 looks pretty cool. I'm still doing iRacing, but may give BF 5 a try one of these days. Is it available yet?

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    Hey Mil!!!

    Hope all is going well man. See you on the Field!
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    • #3 a long-term TLB, you should contact Xanthos on Discord and ask him about BF5.

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        Mil, you still in Dallas area? Killer & I are talking about getting back into BF. Hope to see you around.

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          Yea BS still in Highland Village, too old and lazy to move.

          Festus I been real busy with house and computer stuff recently, once things slow down I'm going to check it out.

          Good to hear TLB is still kicking, how many members now?

          I not even sure I still would remember how to fly, lol.

          Here's a pic of my racing rig that has evolved into what it is in the last 9 years.
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            Actively playing, there's less than a dozen of us I'd have to (sadly) report. However, we have a nice little community started on DISCORD now and you can always drop in there and find people playing something.

            Recently a buncha you showed up and hopefully will keep track in DISCORD moving forward. Currently we are discussing closing the website or keeping it up for one more year ($240 a year).

            Ideally it would be nice if someone knew a way to redirect people to the DISCORD server without having to pay that amount of cash every year, but that's a webhead thing, not my forte

            Men are like steel. When they lose their temper, they lose their worth.
            --Chuck Norris


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              hey mil, bs, and killer. long time no see.
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                Hi Big John, good to see you're still around.